The Importance of Membership

The fulfillment of our purpose requires active involvement from all of you.  Your input, participation, and advocacy serve to increase the impact of our mission.  Membership in the Illinois Association for LGBT Issues in Counseling (IALGBTIC) provides you with updated communications regarding our efforts and an ability to take a more active role in the growth and development of our organization.

Membership in IALGBTIC is accomplished in conjunction with your membership in the Illinois Association of Counseling (ICA). You must be a member of Illinois Counseling Association in order to join IALGBTIC. Please note that anyone can become a member of either organization. Even if you are not a counselor, there is an "affiliate" membership available that only requires you to be a helping professional with a desire to uphold the mission of the organizations.

The link below will take you to the ICA website where you can complete your membership application for both ICA and IALGBTIC.